Meet my Family!

The head of the household: Roly-Poly Corduan, usually called Poly, which rhymes with "holy." He came to live with us in January of 1994

June, my wonderful wife since 1971.



Nick, B.A, Taylor University, 1999; majored in History;; M.A., University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2007 in Anthropology/Archeology; now working on an M.A. at Indianapolis University in Forensic Anthropology.
Blog: Abnormal Dental Morphology

Meghan, Nick's wife, B.A., Taylor University in Intercultural Studies, 2005.
Blog: Boo's Blog


Seth, B.S., Taylor University, 2001; majored in Computer Science; Computer Programmer and Analyst.
Website: Beyond His Years


Seth and Amber provide a home for Connor, Taylor, Mischa, Anna, Sugar, and Coconut.

Amber, B.A. Taylor University, 2002; majored in Sociology. Information Technician and Dog Expert
Amber's Critter Blog.

 Connor, Blue Great Dane


Champion Taylor, Brindle Great Dane

 Nick and Meghan's Sunbeam

 Mischa and Anna, whippets.