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Winfried Corduan
Series Editor: Max Anders

Broadman & Holman, 2004.

"The Gospel According to Ezra"

From the Preface:

When I was a college student, I worked in a Christian bookstore, and I remember looking over the commentary section and musing that some day I would like to write a commentary on a book of the Bible. I further recollect thinking that I wanted it to be on a book for which relatively few commentaries were being written. I believe that I got my wish.

First and Second Chronicles are not among the most widely studied books of the Bible. It is my fervent hope that I may have contributed to making this section of God's Word more accessible.

Each section of the commentary contains:
--a leading quote--
--the lesson of the section in a nutshell--
--an introductory story or illustration--
--the commentary in easy-to-follow outline form--
--a concluding story or illustration--
--principles and applications--
--a life application--
--a prayer--
--deeper discoveries in the text or history--
--a teaching outline--
--issues for discussion